Friday, June 01, 2007

A little falling down

Well, I didn't go a whole day without knitting. I just didn't make it. It was 9pm... I'd folded every piece of laundry I could find (including the basket full of socks that never get folded). And well, I simply CAN NOT watch TV without doing something else. It's just wasted time. So uh... I cast on two new projects. You know... because if you're going to fall down you might as well do a good job of it. Above is Miss N's felted crown. It's a very loose gauge, so not hard on the wrists at all. I was going slowly too... trying not to race through it. And then... I couldn't wait. I had to cast on the new Bearfoot sock yarn...

Isn't it so gorgeous? When you first look at it it seems to be a charcoal. But then the light catches it and you see all these colors. It's simply stunning to me. It reminds me of a mallard duck... you know how the light catches the dark parts of their feathers and all of a sudden you see brilliant color. That's what this reminds me of. I love it.

So I fell down. Where's the 12 step?

And that book, it's great. The most honest look at Motherhood I've yet seen. Love it!


Miss T said...

::::fluffs the pile of cashmere for Jess to fall on:::::

Patti said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!