Sunday, June 10, 2007

Runneth Over

My sock yarn basket is has now officially runneth over. I know you experienced stashers are laughing at me. Stop that now. Miss T sent me my birthday gifts and spoiled the heck out of me! She bought me more Vesper! In the Knit & Tonic colorway which I love! What a sweetheart huh? But wait... she also bought me bare yarn and koolaid. She's an enabler. I've not dyed yarn and I was not going to go into that deep dark hole but it looks like I'm there. Miss N wants to help! Agh! lol! There were more treats too. She's too generous. Makes me feel special!

Also, there is MORE COMING! Yes, I for the first time in my life... won a prize! Sarah held a contest for her vacation which I did not win. (She finished a whack of fab socks! Check them out!) She was in the giving mood and started just giving stuff away left and right! And I actually won some Tofutsies. Can't wait to check it out. My LYS doesn't carry it. Thank you Sarah!

I am now TOTALLY ready for the Summer of Socks! Hopefully I'll get that basket under control!

Speaking of children... Miss E is a yarn monster.

Aghh! Good thing I had a hold of the other end of that. And good thing she's this cute. She loves yarn. Puts gobs of it in her mouth if I let her. Future knitter for sure.

I'll have an FO report for you tomorrow. A "must get done" but didn't want to do kind of thing. But it's over and done with and drying as I type!

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Miss T said...

Cutest little monster I've ever seen.