Friday, June 08, 2007

Crazy Friday

Question of the day... Can socks be a jag?

I don't think they can. How could something so useful... that you could possibly never have enough of, be a jag? I don't think so. So then what? I have a "problem". lol! At knit night a woman peered into my bag to see 3 socks going and looked at me like I was a bit nuts. Apparently she hasn't caught the insanity bug. I actually felt myself blush and said "I have a bit of a problem with the socks right now".

There's one finished Roza and her mate started. I'm sorry to say that until I can get my MIL to come visit and model them, I have no nice way to show them to you. They are far too small or big for anyone in this household. Unfortunately it's a most pathetic looking sock without a foot in it. Miss N's crown is still going. Please discourage me from trying to do felting projects... they really make me cranky.

Speaking of felting projects look what I dug out for you!

I mentioned the French Market Tote made it's way out of the back of the closet to go on a picnic last week and she's grown on me so I thought I'd let you take a peak. She's not my favorite FO that's for sure, but she's useful for picnics. The only downside is the mohair stuck to the rubber sippy spouts.

Have you ever seen this wine? It's a hoot. Hub bought it while I was pregnant with Miss E so it's been sitting around a while. Last night we decided to give it a try. The label cracks me up.

Then Hub noticed something else on the label... see that Alcohol content? A bit steep! Apparently they want you to be the drunk housewife. Which I quickly was finding my way towards seeing as after 2 kids in 4 years I rarely if ever drink anything.

All the while Miss N was putting on quite a show last night. She was inspecting this Knit Picks catalog and telling Hub all about it. I asked her here if she was learning a new technique and she very animatedly replied "I'm trying to, but it's just not working!".

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Miss T said...

The bag sees the light of day!

And that wine is hilarious. Is it cocktail hour yet?