Friday, April 16, 2010

Completely non-depressing post!

I know, I've been a serious downer... meaningful, but downer posts! I'm going parade some pretty knits around and cheer you this time. I've been busy since I last blogged... meant to blog... but didn't. This seems to have turned into a chronic problem.

First... there was the knitting Olympics! I struggled a bit in the beginning because I had a project I wanted to finish, but it didn't count. So I was late to start. Both efforts are worth mentioning. Both knit with Hazel Knits Artisan Sock... the Olympics team I was on 'Hazel Knuts'. What can I say? Love her yarn! Gift socks in Sailors Delight. Hard to give away, but I had some more red waiting to be cast on so that helped. Akimbo for me. Oh Akimbo... I do love you. Your silky softness is so nice up against my neck... and your colors make me look alive on the dreariest of winter days when I am worn down and exhausted. Both things make you dear to me.

Next comes some adorableness so cute it might hurt your teeth. Easter sweaters for a family of our friends. I've never understood all the sundresses in the stores at Easter. I have never lived far enough south to even dare to hope to wear such a thing in early April! The yarn is Amy March by Yarn Love. A new yarn that I love...

At this point I looked over at a whole stack of projects including cabling that I had started this winter but not gotten very far on. Cables... so gorgeous, but often they make my hands sore. I have resisted the plea "Mommy will you knit ME a sweater" (There is guilt involved here but I'm still holding strong.) and am working towards rectifying this UFCO situation. (UnFinished Cabled Objects) You may recall I tried this pattern before (BFF Socks), and ran out of yarn for my big feet. So that pair turned into a gift for someone with significantly shorter feet. This time, enough yarn... barely. Yarn is Beckon Super Merino from Three Irish Girls. They were not the most fun to knit (sore hands), but they are lovely. And they enjoyed playing for the camera. Blues hardly ever play nice with the camera. They've earned more adoration from me for that.

And now I'm dutifully working away on Koolhaas Hat number two for Hub. A seriously SLOW knit. The first one I knit him with dk weight yarn ended up too small. This time I'm knitting with worsted but am wondering if I should have gone up a needle size. We shall see! After that I think I'll allow myself to knit something without cables... or my fingers might fall off.