Monday, June 04, 2007

Saturday's are for Socks!

One could say I have a bit of "sock startitis". This Saturday while Miss N played out in the sunshine with Hub I stayed indoors and worked on a few socks while catching up on some long distance phone calling. These are all the first sock of the pair...

Roza is ready for her heel though, so at least she's moving along into something else. In sad news, I tried them on and... they are too small for me. So I'm going to complete them as a gift for a wee footed love.

Peters Socks for Brother J moved along at a nice clip. I'm working them on my Knit Picks needles. At first try I didn't care for these needles, but working with them this time I am REALLY enjoying them! I think the first time I tried them the gauge was too loose and with their weight it was just not working out at all. But this time the gauge is right, so it's working out well. I don't mind the weight and I might actually like it. My hands (like my feet) are a bit bigger, so the weight makes me feel slightly more coordinated. As does the 6" length. I really like that as the 5" seem a bit short at times. These should move pretty quickly!

I worked a bit on the Vintage and Modern Socks for Hub. They are based on the "Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock" from Knitting Vintage Socks, however I worked a different ribbing (which I'll explain later) and quite frankly, there is NOTHING plain about that yarn. Which brings in the "modern". The yarn is Kona Fingering Superwash dyed at Little Turtle Knits in the Elijah colorway. Hub picked it out himself! Yes, a bright man sock! Although he did think it would be more blue, but is still willing to wear it! It's worked on 2.0mm needles, so the gauge is wee wee tiny. It's working up fairly quickly now that I'm onto the plain stockinette.

And Yarn PrOn for you... I scored some Vesper last week and it arrived on Saturday. I am so excited! I'll be starting some jaywalkers with this. I love all the ones I've seen worked up in this. I'm really excited to get these started... but as you see... I'm not exactly lacking for sock projects here.

Hey look! Miss T joined the party!

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Miss T said...

Everything looks so purdy. The Vesper makes a nice, I mean addition to your stash. ;)