Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fruit Snacks

For my birthday, Miss T sent me some undyed knitpicks sock yarn... She was hoping to drag me to the dark side and get me to dye. Well, I don't think the yarn had been in my home a week and it's already been dyed. I have to say... thank you Miss T! This was SUCH fun! And I absolutely ADORE the result!

I dyed it with Kool Aid. Miss N named it. She got up from her nap and was sniffing all around asking "Mommy, what that smell is?" And the next words out of her mouth were "Can I have some fruit snacks?" Which was fitting since our whole house smelled like fruit snacks!

Here it is before I reskeined it.

And after... it really changed the look I think. The purple looks much darker and the orange really stands out. The red does stand out more to my eye than it is in the pictures. Which is good... I wanted red to be the main color as I LOVE red.

I have to say... if there were more undyed yarn in my house... it would not be that way anymore. It's probably good I only had the one hank. Otherwise... I might have gone off the deep end. This was SO fun. I've been looking around seeing new colorways in my mind... dangerous dangerous... I might have to make a trip to Paradise Fibers and see if they have any small quantities I can snatch up to play with. This was SO fun. SO fun! And not scary at all! I've dyed cotton, and I detest it. But this... totally different and SO fun! I will defiantly be doing it again soon!

Not to worry... Saturday is not for dying. Saturday is for shorts this week! Stay tuned...


Miss T said...

I love it! Glad you are having fun. :D

Meghann said...

Welcome to the dark side, dear!:) The yarn looks GREAT!

Milli said...

Pretty! It looks really good. What are you going to make?