Friday, June 22, 2007

Daffodils for Breakfast

The second Roza is now humming along. (Look at how IDENTICAL the colorway pooled at the ankle.) Her gusset is now complete and she's ready to pop in my purse and go to the doctor this afternoon. My goal is to finish her this weekend so I can start my SOS socks!

So, a review of the goals I laid out a week or so ago...

I've completed the first Peter sock. CHECK.
I completed Miss E's last pair of shorts. CHECK.

Roza is well on her way to being done. Yay!
Then it's just two pair of shorts - shouldn't take more than a week.

And then my (knitting) plate will be cleared! Yay! I'll be free to do the SOS and start my sweater. I can't wait.

**Breakfast artwork courtesy of Miss N. It's called "sad face". Sad because he/she misses their Mommy and Daddy. I have no idea where they are.


Miss T said...

I so cheated on my Ro's.

Meghann said...

T's right, she's a big cheat!:) LOL!

I'm furiously working to finish my Monkey's so that I can work on SOS socks for me!

joyce said...

those are some seriously pretty socks. but oh, you're tempting me. i've got to rip out my undulating rib socks b/c of a gauge error. should i redo them as monkey? should i do SOS? what's a girl to do?