Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Saturdays are for Shorts!

Better late than never!

Pattern: My Own
Yarn: Blushing Violet from Wooly Wonders By Nada

This project was doomed from the start... the reason? I apparently did all the calculations while my kids were awake. Bad idea. They were totally messed up and I have no one to blame but myself. I would have had them done on Saturday, however, I realized I'd used my rise measurement for the hip and well, that was not going to work. So I ripped out the majority of the body, added stitches and got going again. Then I realized I'd forgotten to subtract the gusset portion from the body... and well, thankfully I caught that in time and started the gusset where it needed to be. All I can say is it's good I've made so many or I would have never made it through this pair!

So now Miss E's summer "wardrobe" is complete. 3 pairs of shorties! Done! She's also got her two pair of capri to get her through cool mornings. I am proud of myself... this is better than winter when I was too busy knitting for other people and ended up having to buy Miss E more pants. I put my family first this time. Yay me!

So NOW it's on to knitting the two pair of shorts for a friend. She's having her 4th boy in the fall so I might have to sneak a little soaker in there too. We'll see. I'm trying to be better about putting limits on myself. (ha ha)

You know what the best part of summer is?

Faster wool drying on the back patio instead of in the basement!


Miss T said...

Pretty, pretty shorts!

You? Limits? I'll believe it when I stole , um, I mean SEE it. ;D

Meghann said...

Gorgeous! I love that colorway:)

SJ said...

I wish I could get away with hand-knit shorts! Little kids have all the fun, don't they?

Jen said...

I'm with SJ - no chance I could get away with knit shorts, but I'd love to. Those are really cute.

BTW... I’m Jen, your Blog Reader for SOS, just letting you know I’ve subscribed to your blog feed and look forward to reading about your socks. If you haven’t checked in with me yet, please drop me a line so I know when you’re blogging for SOS. I'm at knittingsutra AT gmail DOT com. Sock on!

Milli said...

I love that colorway.
*sigh* I need a girl.