Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Brothers! And... a sale...

My LYS is having a sale this week... (30% off EVERYTHING!) I was a good girl. Miss N and I went in real quick this afternoon and came home with this.

That's enough BSC to make Something Red. I've been thinking about this for a long time... so that means I need to make it right? Obviously it will be Something Brown for me. It was the only color (toffee) they had more than 4 hanks left of! Which made color selection quite easy.

And more Bearfoot. I really love their subtle colorways. So pretty and yet... suitable for men! This hank, Granite Peak, is destined to become socks for "camera gifting brother". Because really... the man deserves socks. AND... today is his (and his twin's) birthday! Happy Birthday Brother J and Brother N! I picked up a knitting novel, A Good Yarn, and it has a pattern by Nancy Bush called 'Peters Socks' in the front... and it calls for this yarn. I was looking for an excuse to buy more of this yarn... so that's what it will be. I have read the book previously and loved it. I'm a sucker for anything staged in Seattle since that's where I grew up and lived most of my life. The pattern is also translated by Cat Bordhi for doing it on two circ's... another NW native. Again... I'm a sucker for all things NW with the exception of knitting sock's on circ's. I like me some DPN's.

See, I was a good girl! That's ALL I came home with! Miss N enjoyed herself, behaved herself and gifted Miss Heather with lots of pictures including one of a "rude face". She's just started drawing faces as one of her "recognizable" things and this one was really good. It looked rude. lol!

Well, I'm going to go pet my yarn and read a book. I'm trying to not knit today. I have realized in doing this that I seriously have a problem... it's like an addiction for pete's sake! No wonder my wrists hurt!

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Meghann said... is an addiction:) LOL!