Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summer Knitting

Skeins Her Way is holding a pre-summer contest! Meghann at Radiant Twist posted about it today and unlike the vaccuum contest she posted about a while back, I'm actually on time for this one!

So what are my summer knitting goals?

1. finish all this diaper cover knitting... - 1 pair shorts to finish for Miss E. 1 more pair, 1 or 2 soakers, and a skirty. AND... 2 pair shorts for another mama. Whew. I'm already burnt out.

2. finish 2 pair of socks on the needles (we'll not count the bearfoot ones... they'll be done in under and hour as soon as the lovely Wendy's yarn arrives)

3. make at least 3 more pair of socks - SOS KAL will kick me in the rear on this one

4. make some type of sweater/shirt (josephine?)/garment for myself. I have a few ideas stewing, but need to get through this diaper stuff first. I'm a little scared to do this as it will be my first, but it's time don't you think? I can't just knit for baby bottoms and feet forever.

5. Maybe this... Miss N needs some knitterly lovin' too. Miss E's covered in it!

The rug and the blanket will not be getting much lovin' this summer. It's just going to be too warm to have all that wool sitting on my lap.

So that's it! We'll see how I do!

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