Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Diversification is a good thing.

A trip to the river on my birthday. It was windy and cold next to that river, but sunny and warm on the other side of the trees. That thing is running FAST right now!

Baking peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with Miss N - who was quite cute licking the beater and getting dough all over her face.

Dyed velour for a custom Chickie Pad order . I am no expert dyer, but I did ok here. Also threw in a T for Miss N. She loves a little tye dye.

And a bit of knitting. This would look like more had I not been such an idiot and screwed up my calculations the first time... I got to the legs and had to rip out and start over. Things are working out fine this time. You do see that waistband pooling again... it's the "curse of Amy" on my longies. lol!

And not so glamourous... I cleaned the JUNK pile out of the basement. Packed it up, lugged it to the curb, put the little sign on it and... the truck never picked it up! Must call them today. No WAY am I lugging that junk back into the basement!

Will be doing a lot of cutting and sewing for a big custom order of Chickie pads. And working on Amy's pants. I'd like to finish the Bearfoot Socks before June... in time for Hub's birthday. We'll see. Lots of sewing to be done and Miss E is outgrowing her night soaker... why do kids have to grow so fast?!

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