Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Birthday and Brittany

It was my birthday and I didn't tell you about the loot I got! It was fabulous. I was waiting for a bit more of it to arrive before sharing. Miss N and Hub picked me those flowers last night. They are rather lovely. Much better than the last weeds, I mean, yellow flowers she brought me...

First off, my little brother blew my socks off with a new camera! It's about the size of my palm and just takes the most amazing pictures! It's perfect for tossing in the bag for adventures with the girls. It also takes fantastic close up's! Perfect for knitting pic's! Really just an awesome gift!

And, Hub tickled my inner geek and bought me a slew of books! Mostly knitting. Yay Hub! He also threw in a couple new shirts "from the girls". Thanks Hub!

I must say... just two stitch pattern books... made me want lots more... I started daydreaming... I think I'm in trouble...

And Ma sent a cute new bag. I decided to try it as a "purse" for now. It's big enough I can toss in a book, or sock and go - fast - to knit night or coffee or someplace!

And MIL gave the gift of choice. So I ordered two more books. The new Favorite Socks Book and a bit more Harlot. Everyone needs a good laugh right? Alas, they won't arrive until next month because they are backordered! Shocking. I've never had that happen before. See... knitting really is cool now!

I've been meaning to tell you about this bad relationship I've had recently...

Brittany's and I do not get along. That's one size 0 and one size 1 snapped. Within days of each other and within days of purchase! They've been replaced by some new 5" Clover Takumi's and I love them! So the remaining Brittany's are going to go to Missy T's house for when she starts breaking hers.

And yes, that's a peek at E's new pants which have been slogging along. Cute, but slow... peace fleece is just slow for me. All that mohair... makes my wrists hurt.

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