Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fraternal Twins

I finished up these quickie socks. Started in a fit of insanity... the gauge is terrible. Too loose. But I don't really like the yarn either so hey... no biggie. If I liked it more I would have ripped it out and started over. I'm chalking it up as a testament to my will that I even finished them.

Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta - color number 369 purchased from WEBS
Needles: Susan Bates Silvalume - US size 2
Pattern: Basic Sock

Now you might notice that one sock looks a wee bit "worn". Well, that's because it was. I was wearing it around the house to make myself finish the other so my foot wouldn't be cold. Pathetic, but it worked. If you have a wide size 11 womens foot or similar mans foot give me a shout and I can send these off to you. I've got narrow 11's and they're a bit loose for me. Wearable, but loose.

I've spent the last two days mostly on adventures with the girls. Trying to take their minds off the fact that Hub has been out of town. Yesterday we had a really grand time at a beautiful park we'd not been to. Seeing as we moved here recently, there's a lot of places we've not been to! Now that Miss E is giving up her morning nap the adventures are set to begin!

I have to tell you. The girls were SO cute. Miss N was running around chasing seagulls. And it just made me laugh. She doesn't run folks. There's a bit of "dance" or frolic or something in her step. And I'm thinking quite a bit of discoordination too. It was the most endearing thing. She's really tall for her age so it was interesting to see her interact with the other children there. She "fits" with the kids who look younger. But looks like she fits with the older kids. But you can tell by her play skills she does not. She was more at home chasing the seagulls. She really had a fun time.

Miss E was funny too. She was "talking" with the seagulls. Squeaking and squealing.

Such cute little ones.

I actually dug out from the back of the closet and USED the felted market tote I've been hiding from you all. It held our lunch for our trip to the park. It felt a little love. I might just show it to you one day.

I found out this morning from the Intrepid Fiber Wizard that the NWReginal Spinners Association is holding it's conference this weekend just a stones throw from me. I might have to skip across the border and check it out if I get some time this weekend.

I made a late night trip to the grocery store for some supplies last night. I was passing by a bookstand and saw a book with this title "The bathtub is overflowing but I feel drained - how to cope with Mommy Stress". As I was so exhausted I could barely turn my head to read it I thought "I resemble that". So I picked it up. I need to take a little time off from knitting so much. I have sore thumb/wrists. I don't even want to say it outloud, but it's true. I knit too much. I'm injured. SOB.

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