Thursday, May 17, 2007

Uh Oh

Um... small problem. Ran out of yarn. Not good. Hub needs two toes, not just one. 9 rows... 9 rows folks! Ugh.

But he thought sock #1 had too pointy of a toe, so I ripped that one back and reworked it to the point #2 is at. Same needles, just one set 5" and one set 7"... always a use for those "extra" needles!

So... buy more of that colorway - not excited about making another pair in the same colorway... there are so many out there!

Or... buy a solid brown or black and stash it for other emergencies... perhaps wise, but cuts into the idea of buying the girls summer clothes this weekend and means I will have to go to a different LYS to look for some because I know mine doesn't have any. I'm loyal folks... this will be hard.

OR... and this is where I get weird... I saw just yesterday someone had LEFTOVERS of the same yarn. Lots of leftovers. I don't know them. Would it be really weird to comment or email them from their blog and ask them to sell me a few measly yards? Is this totally wacko?

1 comment:

Meghann said...

Totally not weird. Knitters are great that way!