Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cherry Blossoms

I completed Miss E's newest "shorts". They're not very short. Babies inseams for shorts is like 1 inch! These are just below her knees, so perhaps, clamdiggers. I was going to make them a crop pant/capri length, but watching the weather... it looks like that would be too warm, so I stopped where I was. I tried some ruffles. They turned out pretty cute. These pictures are pre-blocking, so they should settle down a bit.

Miss Tanya, she's not just a sock star, but a rock star I tell ya! She sent me a new method for a drawstring. A twisted cord. It took me 5 minutes! SOOOO much better than spending an entire evening making an I-cord.

Here's my cute little model. She had to go to bed so I tried them on her before they were quite finished.

Yarn: Cherry Blossom on Peace Fleece from Radiant Twist
The trim is some sort of merino/alpaca blend. It was lovely.

Needles: Addi Turbo's sizes 4,7,8

Pattern: My own

Ruffles: Sarah aka EasterBunz Ribbed Ruffle


cosy said...

so cute! love the ruffle.

SJ said...

Adorable! The ruffle at the bottom definitely ups the cute factor.

To answer your question, my feet are 9.75" long, but I usually knit my socks 9.5" long because I don't like a lot of extra fabric in the toe area.