Friday, May 18, 2007

Knitting back to Sanity...

We've had a "bug" going around the house. Last week it struck Miss N and Hub. That was "fun" enough. But this week it's moved on to Miss E as well. This is a nasty little sucker! Poor baby can't breathe and thus sleep... she's whiney, and a ball full of gross bodily fluids. Toss in a teenager skateboarding at bedtime and an obnoxious rotty nextdoor at dawn... and well... not much rest going on here.

So today... I had to start something new. It was a "morning". You know what I'm talking about. I won't get into details, but it wasn't pretty. The only "non thinking" project available was E's blanket. It's a bit too warm to be working on that. And I had a feeling I might break more needles if I picked up Roza.

So I started a plain jane sock out of some Sockotta I picked up recently in a WEBS order - using aluminum needles so I don't break anything. I'm channeling my frustrations into knitting so I can reemerge with some sanity. A cup of coffee and two inches of cuff. I reemerged sane, sort of.

It's rather interesting... it's self striping... but the stripes are 2" wide. Not sure if I'm happy about that or not. I've also noticed how well it matches my water bottle... (I am sleep deprived, please excuse me). I'm also giving some Susan Bates needles a test run. I really like them a lot. The only downside to them is they came in a set of 4. I really prefer working on 5 to keep my laddering to a minimum. But oh how I love the slipperiness!

See that poor sick baby. She's blurry I know... best to keep it that way. She's not lookin' so good.

Well, I tucked my shame inside and emailed the "lady with the yarn". Said lady just finished a sweater... made of mitered blocks... in sock yarn! That is patience my friends... patience. The lovely and gracious Wendy is rescuing the Redhawk Tail socks. She's going to slip me a bit of yarn in the mail. She won't take payment. She insists on taking her payment in good karma. So send her some please!

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