Friday, March 02, 2007

What? No Knitting?

Nope, no knitting for the past few days. I had to hand over the kids to Hub and head down to the basement for some serious sewing!

These are Chickie Pads! I've been attempting, a sorry attempt, to open up a store selling the cloth pads I make. But... as you can see from my HC store... nothing has much happened. Trying to do this about the same time as a baby begins to walk, is not good thinking. So it's taking a while. However, the lovely ladies on the Pin were doing a congo co-op. I offered myself up and they were gracious enough to take me up on my offer. This is their order. I had to take some pretty pic's of the loot before sending them off.

Now, what have I learned? Well, I learned that knitting is a heck of a lot easier to do with children running around. I mean you just can't sew a pad while you wait for a 3YO to finish her breakfast! But you can knit! All this had to be done when the kids were sleeping. Which is no small task since we all know how much there is to do when the kids sleep! I might have gotten a bit more done with them awake had I cleaned the rec room... however, I hauled all the clothes the girls are not wearing down there to sort them. The movers took my neat and tidy sorted stacks out of the closet at our old place and just threw them into boxes. I've been procrastinating sorting them back out but Miss E is growing so I needed to find her next size up... and well, I didn't exactly finish my task. Will get to it now though! We have a visitor coming tomorrow! It's housecleaning day!

THEN I will sit and blissfully knit again... I missed it. How sick is that?! ha!

After tomorrow I'll have another knitting FO for you. The gift will be given and I can then share with all of you!

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