Friday, March 09, 2007

No, she's not watching it, she's crocheting...

Agh! No I wasn't! I was KNITTING. Have you ever seen anyone crochet a sock?! But no, I was not watching Curious George on the TV in the waiting room. Heaven knows I see that enough at home. And when I'm not watching it, I'm reading a book about that little monkey.

Anyhoo... finally got my eyes checked today. Turns out... not much wrong with them. Pretty much the same as they were 7 years ago when I last had them checked. Apparently the "delicacy" of the "work" I'm doing is at the root of the headaches I have been having now and then. I have to admit... that little two week headache was put to rest by a couple days of pilates. Remind me of that next time I complain of an unending headache would ya?! There is a slight problem with my distance vision, but not enough to get glasses just for that he said. They dilated my pupils! I've never had that before. I'd rather not do it again either. It was horrible! Yuck!

But I did knit a heel flap while we were all waiting for my eyes to dilate... note... I said knitting a sock, not crocheting it.

So... now... what to do... get "old lady" reading glasses or fork out for a prescription? Is there any difference? Does anyone really know. My little script' sheet says +1. And if I do... should I go for the invisible bifocals so I can knit/tv watch at the same time without perching glasses on my nose or getting dizzy from looking through magnifing glasses? It would also have the benefit of me not losing or forgetting them as I could just wear them. And they wouldn't go flying when I run after some child in peril either... hmm... I don't know. Sometimes I wish there was someone to tell me what to do. Perhaps I should ask how much they'd be and then figure out how much yarn that would equate to... that might be a scary thought.

Hub's going next week. He needs new glasses. He can't see. But I'm the one with headaches... go figure.

Pink Socks... going on 48+ hours now. They did come off briefly for some dancing with the Wiggles... then went straight back on. I tried to sneak them away to the laundry, but as soon as I touched them she was on me. Tomorrow I'll force her outside... they won't fit in shoes... she'll have to take them off!


Tdog said...

Are you sure you weren't weaving?

carole said...

The ladies that work in my eye dr.'s office told me to go get a pair of reading glasses and save the big $.. My eyes are +1.25 and +1.5 so I bought 1.5... I really can't read much clearly without them. But they work great. And for the price I have several (and I do mean sevarl) fun pairs that I set down all over.. I have 4 pairs at work and 3 or 4 at home.. some come from and some from the dollar store...

btw congrats on ann leaving you a comment. That is too cool!