Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I think it's possible that I expect a little too much out of myself sometimes. I seem to feel like I'm "never getting anything done". But let's take this week's knitting as an example of how I am not connected to reality here...

Complete! Spring Capri's! Cute eh? It's my "diapering ultimate" combo. BFL from WWBN for the trim and Peace Fleece for the body (this one was handdyed by Bungalow Buns). A week ago I was just done with the waistband.

My model seems happy with them. Excuse the ends. I wanted to try them on her before naptime.

Then comes the sock... hub's BearFoot sock #1... nearly complete heelflap.

Oh, and did I mention I started E's blanket too? Hub convinced me she wouldn't know the difference if I don't complete it before her birthday. But I'll still try. Moderne Log Cabin Baby Blanket. I'm doing it on 7's instead of 6's and using Swish Superwash. Oddly I got a new Knit Picks' catalog in the mail yesterday and they had a boyish version done in Swish on 6's. They should have waited for me! Mine will be much cuter! Although... if you're looking closely... you might notice I picked up on the opposite side for block #3. Whoops. I don't want to rip though. So... it's going to have to be a mirror image of the actual pattern.

So yes, I think I might have gotten a little bit of knitting done. Best give it a rest eh?

In another interesting note, I listened to a talk about Gluttony last night. I have never heard the sin of Gluttony addressed. It was perhaps one of the most interesting things I've listened to in a long time. I know the woman who is speaking and she is a very dear sweet woman. Kudos to her for speaking up so bravely. Can be found here... in the Theology for Women Section if interested.

Alright, I'm off... Miss N says I have a ticket... wonder where I'm going?

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