Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Squaw no getting Snackie. Squaw going to bed.

What's better than one pair, well two of course. I did these ones in ribbing to hopefully help them stay up a little better. Overall they are a bit big on her. I think if I decide to make more I'll size down my needles. I made them a tiny bit long so she can grow a bit. She still loves the pink ones more.

After the Blushing Violet debacles, I decided that that yarn is cursed. So I put it away. I'm going to make a pair of capri's out of this springy colorway. I have some lavendar BFL for the trim and this is peace fleece. I swatched it last night. So I'll probably cast on during naptime.

The plague has hit our house. My throat feels like it has gravel in it at the moment. I had one day I was so sick I didn't even knit! Still feeling cruddy, but well enough to sit up and be productive. I've been overdoing it a bit this morning though... need to sit and rest during naptime.

Miss N has now watched Peter Pan at least 10 times in the past 3-4 days. It's got her "hooked". Which is good for her sick parents. She has picked up an English accent though... calling it "Pe-tah Paaan" like Wendy. I think she thinks she is Wendy.

Oh, and the Yarn Harlot has kept me amused during her bedroom remodel. I imagine that her body hurts possibly worse than mine! And oh my... Kay has linked us all to a wonderful land of Argosy goodness... I will be frequenting this Happy Camper! I think I'll do the dishcloth and see what I think... I love the look of that stitch pattern.

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Tanya said...

Cute cute socks, can N fly in them?
As for Blushing Violet...make it walk the plank!
I still want to see that soaker. ;)

Feel better soon Pocahontas.