Saturday, March 31, 2007

Shh... secret knitting...

I've been silent for good reason. I've taken on a secret knitting project. Adorable... and I mean SERIOUSLY adorable pictures to follow... hopefully by weeks end if my wrists hold out.

Toe is feeling better. Still not 100%, but returning to normal color. Miss N checks on it every day because she is reminded about 20 times a day to not be "so rowdy" around Mommy because my toe hurts.

I made a list today, yes, so many orders I had to make a list. Lots of yarny goodness on it's way to me. Embarrassing amounts really. Well, for me anyway. But hey... had paypal - did a little shopping... then knit happens went and had such a sale and to celebrate losing all my Miss E weight (that's 30lbs folks!) I bought yarn to make my first sweater... and one for Hub too. And sock yarn... well, I have a problem with that so throw some of that into the mix too. And they didn't have the pattern I wanted, nor did LYS, so I went to WEBS... and more sock yarn followed... Not to mention birthday blanket yarn and a toddler poncho... And then there's the fabric for a special order... and snaps because I previously stocked up on the wrong snaps in a co-op... (doh!) Oh my. I will be busy for a while my friends... busy busy!

It has been brought to my attention that I might provide some information here on Chickie Pads... which obviously is still not open. Can I get a volunteer? lol! I'll be updating the blog soon with some info.

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SJ said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog! Isn't it fun to be star-struck by encounters with the knitting celebrities, as it were?

Love the log cabin baby blanket you're working on -- such great, cheerful colors!