Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sale? What Sale? At my LYS?!

I am so annoyed right now. It is the middle of the day and a house that is nearly a full block away is playing music so loud that my kids can't sleep. Don't worry... already talked to the police, but not sure they can do anything mid-day. But that is ridiculous! GRR...

Last night I went to knit night at ye ole' LYS. It was my first time. It was pretty fun. It's such a lovely atmosphere you can't help but enjoy yourself. They are also have a (gasp!) SALE this week. Of course it's progressive... the more you buy the more you save... dangerous.

I came out alright. I picked up a set of 5" size 1 Brittany DPN's and a hank of some purdy sock yarn for Hub. And some Debbie Bliss Cathay to make Miss E a birthday bolero. But I think I'm going to take the Cathay back. First off... because I wanted to make it "little girl pink". And it's rose. They didn't have that baby girl pink that looks so good on little E. AND... because it's just not very washable. I'm going to go poke around Michaels and see if I can find something. The Cathay is lovely, but... maybe not quite right. I dont't know... I've only got 4-1/2 weeks. Maybe it's too late anyways... I'll just take the Cathay back and start stocking up on yarn for my parents anniversary log cabin. I fully plan on it taking me a year to complete. I've got until fall to stock up on yarn and then get started.

SO... here's some progress on E's Capri's that I took with me to work on last night. Very cute! I finally did a swatch "in the round" and guess what... my gauge... is actually working out. Whew.

And here is the gorgeous sock yarn I picked up for Hub. (Side note: see that lovely new scratch Miss N put in the table... just saw that when I took this pic. Ugh!) It's called Mountain Colors Bearfoot Sock Yarn and is the Redhawk Tail colorway. It's really pretty. Goes from Black to Browns into Reds and Oranges. Quite lovely. It made me think of Hub since it comes from Montana. He's been doing a lot of business travel into Montana lately.

And yes, I picked up some new DPN's to work them on too. They are soo tiny. I feel like I'm knitting with toothpicks. I can see that should you be prone to leaving your knitting where it could be sat upon... you would break a lot of these. But I think I like them. It's a little odd that they have "give" in them. I like the shortness... we'll see. I'm working them on a set of five. I'm going to use a Seed Rib Stitch.

So last night... while at knit night... Ms H the manager and woman I've come to know there says "Have you ever heard of a site called the Diaper Pin?". For ya'll that know me... you know how funny this was. I didn't mention how many posts I have there... But I did tell her ya'll sort of "taught" me to knit!

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