Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Mama, will you make me some ni-night sockies?"

And thus we have... pink ni-night sockies. Isn't it cute? Yes, it needs a mate. Will do that straight away. Just too cute not to post a pic of the first one. The picture on the pattern had hearts in another color, but I took the easy route and made them in purls. However, this makes them slouchy. Oops. Live and learn. Oh well... they're just ni-night sockies. My girlies sleep in long john style pj's so they need to wear socks to bed.

Anyhoo... here it is. Ann Norling Baby and Toddler socks pattern. Swish Superwash on 7's. This is the toddler size.

And, here is a delayed pic. These are fingerless mitt's for my MIL. She was here visiting this weekend, so now that she has them I can post them! They are very much in her style. Which as you can probably guess isn't really mine. But I wanted her to love them.

And in other news. The Blushing Violet soaker and I are going another round. I finished it sans leg cuffs. Tried it on Miss E and it was horrid. My gauge was on so I guess it's the pattern I hate. So, ripping that out and trying another. The yarn is too expensive not to put it to good use!

AND... I now have the pattern so Missy T and I can start our Roza socks!

AND... I need yarn for some socks for Hub. Hub is a rock star and deserves some socks. Hub took his very expensive Christmas present... returned it... and bought a rockin' light for our dining room. It's really cool. My pic's of it are horrible, so sorry, no pic's. But it's cool. And SOOOOOO much better than the 1970's ceiling fan that previous owners thought "fit". Hmm... their decor was uh... UGLY! So anyhoo... hub needs socks. Need yarn.

Ok, must run. Now that MIL is gone I have some things to do.

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