Monday, March 26, 2007


I got a lot of knitting time this weekend... wondering how? Well, I seem to be blessed with the gift of "clutz". I managed to ram my foot into Miss E's closet doors while trying to avoid stepping on her. So I have one toe that is red and purple and now today green as well. Oh so lovely. So I'm gimping around a bit. I don't think it's broken, but... ouch. I did a good job! I thought about taking a picture, but really... I like to show you pretty things. This is not pretty.

The two colors for my French Market Bag came in on Saturday. I took this picture to show not only you, but to remind myself of the order I'd like to go in. I am excited to get this one done now!

And the major progress is shown here. Block 5 is complete on my "mirror image Mod log baby blanket". I shorted myself on the green yarn though... more is on the way. It'll be a nice break though. You can just knit and knit and knit in garter stitch and it feels like you are going NOWHERE!

I ripped out the green peace longies I did a while back. My first for Miss E. They really were horribly sized. They were making me crazy... so I ripped them apart last week. Then I rewound and washed the yarn and hung it to dry. It still has a some kinks, but not much. Should be ok I think. An odd choice maybe... but... I plan to knit them back up in much better shape. The only weird part is that I think I'll need to use some of the yarn I had originally had leftover. So some will be new and some reclaimed. I'm not sure how that'll work out.

So anyhow... that's my weekend update! Off to sit down and put my toe up!

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