Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More color you say?

How about a rainbow? he he. These are just so fun and quick to make. It's fun to play with the colors like this. It doesn't have to be anything but pure fun.

On another note... I've turned my pinwheel sweater into a rug. lol! Odd choice maybe, but it looked like a rug to me and I just didn't see myself wearing it. Wrong yarn choice. So I'm just going to keep the pinwheel going, felt it a bit and wa-lah, rug. I've been really itching to make a rug anyways.

And, yarn is on the way to complete that darn French Market tote. I can't wait to get that off my needles. It's hoggin' the 7's! I won't let myself start E's blanket until I get either that or the rug done. And I'd really like to start that. I'm really into knitting "things for the home" right now as oppossed to things you wear.

However, I did get back to the Blushing Violet Soaker and it's about half done... again...

On a "I'm so proud" note... Hub informed me that Miss N has graduated from two "needles". Apparently each night in the bathroom when he's getting her ready for bed, he gives her Q-tips and she pretends to knit. Well with all this sock and mitten knitting I've been doing, Miss N decided to use double points. She was using three Q-tips this week. Holding one down in her palm poking out and the other two were up knitting. Aww...

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