Sunday, February 25, 2007

And the bad mojo continues...

UGH! I'm bugged. My gauge on the BV soaker is off. My in the round gauge is always off from my straight swatches. GRR... must swatch in the round. SO... riiiiping the soaker. So bugged.

While I'm ripping I decided to rip the Opal socks. I don't like the fabric I'm getting with this gauge. I only started them like this because I was at class and the teacher said it would be ok. But... I'm just not loving them. They will ressurect as something better.

But hey... while the mojo sucks on my gauge... I made another ballband. How's this one for a hot HOT pad?!

I couldn't crop the pic into a cute little square because hub messed with the settings in Photoshop and quite frankly... these days... my skills there are limited.

Miss N loves them. She told me straight away this morning I needed to make more... "more colors" she said. lol! I'm glad my knitting can please my 3 YO and clean up after her at the same time.

Ok, off to wind some yarn back up. Boo Hoo...

Oh, and I ordered the trim for the nighttime soaker. Still need to order more PF for the french market tote. I think I'm going to order the new coral color and some lavendar. I'm thinking I might use the leftovers from the rainbow soaker for the handles in stead of the periwinkle. We'll see. I'm not in the mood to spend money though. Wierd... but it's making me grouchy. You'd think I'd be excited to buy yarn. Quick! Someone take my tempeture.

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joyce said...

sorry about the bad mojo, but i'm with your 3 year old! that is some seriously beautiful knitting for such a utilitarian item!