Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Ok, I've been cranky so I haven't been posting. lol! Not to worry all... eyes getting checked tomorrow. Hopefully my failing eyesight is the cause of all these headaches. If it's just my three year old's incessant chatter that's causing them, I could be in trouble.

Ok, first up socks!

I started the very pretty (the picture doesn't do it justice... nor does that napkin stuffed inside it...) ribbed pair with Opal Sock Yarn on size 2DPN's. And then... I realized they were giving me a headache... and realized after knitting a full cuff and starting a second, that perhaps... on my very first pair... it might be wise to go with a thicker yarn.

So, I started the second pair which is now my first pair... with some stash yarn - Swish Superwash - on size 7DPN's. Ahhh... much better on the eyes. Lesson I learned here. Neither Fred Meyers nor Michaels carry sock yarn or any decent sized DPN's. They each had like one set in some odd size. What is that all about anyway?! Annoying! So, I reached deep and came up with the Swish on 7's. lol! Too bad my LYS is so far from me.

Now it's been a bit since I started those... and now I'm almost done with one sock! I have the cuff for it's mate done, so I just need to start at the heel. Socks are deceptively easy. I'm not sure if I'll wait until my last class on Saturday to finish this up or just do it now. I could play dumb and wait. lol! Or be the smarty pants who already knows kitchner and do it ahead... hmm... will see.

Sorry for the terrible pic. It's terrible weather outside and I'm not getting any decent like inside and quite frankly... I don't feel like going through the whole process again. I'll get a prettier one when the pair is done. Which should be next week.

Now, when my eyes are really failing me... I've been picking up my French Market Tote. I'm working in a beachy stripes color scheme here... it's taking forever it seems. Perhaps it's just so disheartening knowing I'm going to knit this big old thing and then shrink the crap out of it. I may not be a felter. lol!

And... my lovely mail woman brought me today... the other two colors I needed for Miss E's Modern Log Cabin blanket. Yay! I think I really need to get going if I have any hope of getting it done before her birthday mid-April. I really can't wait to get started, but...

I need to finish this gift, and the first pair of socks before doing so. This is my pledge! lol! I just feel like my pile of project bags is a bit big at the moment. lol! I'll post pic's of the mystery project after the recipient gets it. I'll preface it by saying... it's really not my style... but it IS the style of the recipient and that's what's important right?! At least I hope it's their style... I'm trying!

Oh, and I am to the armholes on the Bulky Pinwheel, but I need to learn a bit of something new so it's been on hold for some quiet time. I thought about posting a picture, but it really looks the same, just bigger. And... didn't I mention I'm headachy and cranky?!

Alright curious knitters, that's my update! Now back to your needles!

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Heather said...

SWISH on 7's for socks! I must know! Please... email me on the pin... what pattern, guage, etc! I'm dying for socks, but can't get motivated on the sock yarn. Perhaps with a pair of swish7's first, I'll see the light, and have motivation!!!!!!!!!