Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pretty Mitts and a stray Painting

Well, another day, too much coffee on an empty stomach and I go picture crazy again!

And... I finished my version of the "Mohair Mittens". Mine are Merino. This yarn made me want to pull my hair out. It was single ply and kept splitting... like CRAZY. I did my best and obviously did a better job on the second than the first. They look fine when on though. And unless you're inspecting them, you probably can't tell any difference. I also made the mitt part longer than she calls for. I wanted to be able to hold onto the steering wheel but not touch it with skin before it warms up. lol! It's heavy worsted and was knit on US2's and 3's. Double points no less. After Bubby and these, I think I've mastered the use of DPN's. Bring on the socks!

They look pretty wierd laying flat, but are super cute on.

And for the second ball... A version of the SnB Windy City Scarf. The pattern is single rib, but I'm doing it double to coordinate with the mitts. I started a cowl, but it was too stiff with this yarn. So this morning (my kids slept in!) I came up with this.

I was browsing blogs a few days ago and Joyce is hosting an Artist Trading Card swap. I've been so stuck in "Mommy World" for the past few years that I hadn't even heard of these before! But I think it's a great idea and so fun. So last night I went out to the "studio" and dug up some supplies. After doing that I decided that temporarily I'm going to set up downstairs in the ugly room. The garage studio will be very awesome some day, but right now it's unheated, unfinished and FREEZING for 9 months of the year. SO... I think until we get it really set up I'll set up in the ugly room where no one else wants to go anyway. That way I can avoid the mishap of this morning when Miss N came running out and started messing with what I'd started last night. Ack! Quickly recovered and moved work to my bed until naptime when I can go back out and dig around until I find my glue. I cut teeny tiny pieces and forgot the glue. And a 3YO went running for it... yeah, scary moments!

Anyhow, while out there digging around I found this piece. For some reason it's never seen the light of day. So I framed it up and took a pic. I really do like it. It was done about 6 years ago - I know this because it has my maiden name on it. Anyway, just wanted to share it. It's now sitting on the mantle with all the other artwork yet to be hung in the new house. I just can't seem to get anything on the walls.

Well, I need to get going... scarf to knit... ATC's to finish and of course, dishes to do and children to care for.

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