Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Knitting ADD

I think I have knitting ADD. Pretty sure. Yep, got it. Let's see... six projects on the needles and a class starting on Saturday for a seventh. Yep, ADD. Defiantly.

The most miraculous thing is... they are all on different sized needles. No sharing issues!

Well, the latest two projects picked up were Miss N's fault. You see. I had planned on knitting Miss E a blanket. Well, try that on a 3YO Miss N and you have a touch of sibling rivalry. She was more excited than I when the postal lady knocked on our door... and there was YARN in the box. Much more excited than I. But was completely baffled as to why there was not yarn for HER in there.

SO... Here is the start of Miss E's Big Bad Baby Blanket. It's Swish Superwash Merino. I'm closing in on the end of the blanket edge. I wanted to get started so I could see if it was going to look the way I thought. It does. BUT... I don't think I ordered enough yarn to make it 6 "squares" instead of just 4. A little brain fart there. I'm going to knit to the end of these two balls and see where I'm at. Then hope and pray I get the same dyelot. A girl can hope right? It's happened before.

Then... I had ordered a ball of Shine Worsted to play with. Just to see if I liked it. Well... here it is... recognize that?

Yes, I'm afraid it's the start of "Miss N's blankie of many colors". I will be emailing you T for help. I'm having trouble counting bumps. I'm a dope. But, since I only ordered ONE ball. I'm stuck for a while. lol!

And just so you don't think I'm completely nuts... here are the blushing violet longies which I charged away on over the weekend. This is my first time with the 12" circ's. They're a bit interesting to get used to, but went MUCH faster than ML'ing. In fact I'd meant to do a 1-1/2 inch cuff, but I got carried away and knit too far with the body and didn't feel like ripping back. I may though. Not sure yet. I LOVE that there is only a touch of pooling right at the gusset stitches. I'd prefer none at all, but that tiny bit I can live with.

Illness has crept into my home again. Hub is downstairs in the basement bedroom quarantined. E has been crabby all week and I'm feeling a touch achy today myself. Ugh. I'm pumping in the vit C & Zinc lozenges and praying it'll all go away soon!

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