Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sleeping with Wool

What to do when dh goes out of town overnight? Sleep with your wool! My dh usually goes to bed early and I sit up knitting and winding down from a crazy day. But he was out of town so I got the pleasure of taking my knitting to bed with me for a night. It was divine. However, cozy beds win out over "just one more row..." more easily when you are in them.

Windy City is now done! It was a super fast and easy knit. I finihsed it this weekend while spending hours sitting on the couch talking with my parents who were visiting. A perfect no brainer for socializing.

Such a cute set don't you think? Yum!

I also swatched for the Bulky Pinwheel. Of course I can't get the right gauge, but I think I'm close enough. I'm going with the smaller needle... I think once it's on it will stretch out a bit. Hoping that theory works for me... First sweater is about to be cast on! Yippeee!


Freckle432 said...

That set is GORGEOUS! I too am going to make a bulke pinwheel, just not sue when it will make it on my list.. What yarn and needle size are you using? Oh... and isn't Blushing Violet just the prettiest colorway? Did you get violet trim with yours? Mine's BBR yarn.. I LOVE it, can't wait til they open up again so I can get some more!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it too! Great job!