Monday, January 15, 2007

Hub Wants a Hat

Since our tempetures have been hovering between -10 and 10 degress F, hub said he needed a wool hat. I said, but you have a million hats. He said, yes, but none are wool. (Gasp! I can't believe that!) Hub has a hat fetish. Probably due to the shaved head. Hub is very particular about his hats. There is never a perfect hat. They all have issues. So, as much as I'd love to knit hub a hat... I fear rejection. However, since he requested it, I'll do it. In fact, I giddily ran to the stash and pulled out this yarn which I had boughten to make hub a hat. (I ignored Hub's snickers as I was gleefully pulling out the yarn.) Hub wanted to model his yarn and get a pic on the blog.

SO... I pulled out a couple patterns I'd seen and set aside thinking of good old Hub. He decided he wanted a Swell hat. Well that's swell you might say... but look at the needle size and the gauge?! What the... who knits THAT loose. Crazy. So anyway... doing some work on it. I might have it double stranded on 8's. Sheesh! Good thing hub wants a warm hat. Hub's yarn is 100 purewool merino. I can't remember the colorway right now. Maybe Glamour?

Oh, I started the first stripe on the FM bag. Thank goodness. I needed excitement. My needles are still missing for the BV Longies. I'm giving up and swatching tonight. I'll just ML them and wait until the needles arrive to enjoy the non-looping on another pair.

Ok, now that Hub has seen himself he's claiming that he didn't say to put him on the blog. Hub doesn't have a good memory. Don't believe him. He said it.

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