Sunday, January 28, 2007

Finished Blushing Violets!

These are GORGEOUS! Yummy! Super Yummy! The legs just flew on the 12" circulars. Definatly faster than ML'ing. I worked my own pattern again. It turned out beautiful. I'm still a touch undecided on which short row arrangement is better, but either way, I'm liking the results. I love these... they are packaged up and soon to be on their way to the recipient! One of Amy's lucky little girls gets to wear them. Amy makes fabulous diapers by the way. I can't wait to see what I get in trade! I love trades! So fun!

Blushing Violet Longies. Blue Faced Leister hand dyed by Brad at Wooly Wonders. Knit on Knit Picks Options #7's. Addi Turbo #8's for the legs. Same gauge throughout.

My sock class started yesterday. So far the only challenge has been to my eyesight. Fingering weight... ay yi yi. But I've only done the cuff. Simple knitting in the round there.

Ok, not feeling too chatty but had to share these yummy things. I can't wait to start E's pair!

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