Friday, January 12, 2007

Bags, Bags, Bags...

The problem with more than one knitting project is that it requires more than one knitting bag. That's why I better just crank out this French Market Bag. Then I have a second project bag. While working on it today I had a brilliant idea that a MDK Buttonhole Bag would be fantastic for holding sock knitting... So another project has hit the list. It's a long list. Longer than what I have posted really. What I've posted I mostly already have yarn for. Eee Gads!

Today I ordered yarn for Miss E's Big Bad Baby Blanket that is going GIRLY (pink and yellow) and BIG, as in 6 "squares" instead of the 4 in the pattern. I'm excited for something simple and rhythmic. Poor Miss E. Miss N being the first child and grandchild got many a handmade quilt. She's toasty warm in her bed. Miss E is now upright, so I can't use the sleepsac. SO... I went looking for warm blankies. Poor girl. Nary a handmade in sight. She's sleeping under plain old fleece blankets. Cute, but (gasp) unnatural. So I better use my skills to make her a warm cozy heirloom right? I'm making it bigger so it'll fit better as a toddler blanket. I ordered some Swish Superwash Wool from KnitPicks. That stuff is SO stinking soft! I can't wait to get started.

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