Thursday, January 11, 2007

You're just trying to be like those people online

That is what my husband said last night when he saw a knitting project on each arm of the couch.

The bulky pinwheel is well underway now. Here are pictures of my progress yesterday. It moves really fast. Well, at least he beginning does. I'm using Licorice yarn from Joanns. (oh, its on sale again... not quite as good a deal... the blue would be gorgeous...) I thought it would be fun with this pattern. I got it when they had the introductory price... 50% off. Who could resist?! It's a "mystery wool" as the label only says it's 100% wool. But it's reasonably soft. Not quite merino soft, but really soft.

Here's the right side...

And the wrong side... now... ah...

Last night before I headed to bed I was thinking this would be neat wrong side out. I like how you can really see the slubs in the yarn. I should decide before the arms, but I'm thinking it wouldn't be hard to change plans at this point. It would require purling the sleeves... which is a bit of a bummer. But might be worth it. Any thoughts oh knitters of the internet?

My stitch markers wouldn't fit on the fat needles so I made some new ones. Cute eh?

Ok, off to feed the kids. Do they ever do anything besides sleep and eat?!

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Sarah said...

You don't have to purl the sleeves.. just knit them as you would if you intended for the knit side to be out - as there are not really any seams in this (with the exception of a picked up stitch or two to prevent gaps, which wouldn't be too obvious anyways), it's totally reversable :)