Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday Mornings

A little yarn prOn for you. My little splurge purchases from Hub's recent bonus. He handed me cash and said spend this on yourself. So I did. He rolled his eyes when it arrived. ha! He should have known! My Yarn Love arrived along with some gorgeous Electric Blue Claudia Handpaint. From the Loopy Ewe of course. After watching how exact Grumpy could be with her little scale, I decided to take the plunge for one myself. I am very excited to put this to use!

I generally feel frustrated on Monday mornings. Hub gets the weekend off... I see him getting rest from his daily grind and feel like I should too. The problem is with a young family... the moment I sit, things pile up.

So Monday mornings I turn into a grumpy tornado. I'm cleaning, I'm picking up all this crap that somehow gets brought into our home. And I shovel it back out. I make Miss N put things away that she's squirreled into odd places. Her favorite is to put all her stuff in mine and Hub's room. She calls them "presents". I call it frustrating. I know she's trying to be sweet... but it's more stuff to pick up.

It's 9am and so far I've cleared my room of everyone's clutter and cleaned the bathroom. Tossed in some laundry. More clutter issues to take care of and the floors to clean. Summer sure tracks in a lot of dirt from all the outdoor play.

I've started working out again. It feels good. I'm sore at the moment... really sore. But it's good. I've worked out most of my life and it really helps me to feel like myself when I do. It's not easy with the kids. It takes the relaxation out of it. But the endorphin's still kick in and my Miss E belly just might retract instead of being so saggy! Bleck. So, more cleaning and then a session with Bob.

I have been knitting. If I wasn't trying to be so perfect and thus ripping so much I'd have a sock done by now. As it is I'm picking up the gusset. I did work a wee bit on the Vesper sock too. No hurry on that though. I don't want to show you my new sock yet though. Sometimes I feel like I take the fun out of it by blogging in progress pic's. So this time I'm holding out... at least for a little while. I will tell you it's on this yarn.

Now that my coffee is done it's back to Monday Morning clean up madness!


SJ said...

Beautiful yarn -- so what I would pick out (I love me some blues)!

tiennie said...

Good for you for working out again! I bet you feel great afterwards (except for the soreness.) Beautiful yarn! Enjoy the scale!