Monday, August 27, 2007

Curious Monkey Socks

One evening I was reading a Curious George story to my daughter for the umpteenth million time. My mind was wandering... what can I say... I've read about that monkey A LOT! In sight was my sock yarn stash. And my mind started churning...

monkey... socks... Oh... I've got that leftover Daffodil from the Roza's... almost a whole skein... it surely looks like a banana filled jungle... hmm... wonder if it would work...

Well, I sat down and hashed out a way to make the yarn and stitch pattern work to fit her toddler feet. The best part about them... toddler socks (even for toddlers with big feet) fly off the needles!

Miss N got some new paints and is quickly refilling the art wall. She's going with more feminine colors this time. Such a lovely background for my pictures don't you think?

Hey! Lookie what I've been nominated for!

Thanks Meghann! As you know Meghann is the dyer behind Radiant Twist. Which I seem to have more of in my sock yarn stash than anything else... she just stocked two new colorways that are so nice, mellow and man friendly. Too bad for Hub I already spent my paypal on more feminine yarns from her last week! lol!

Ooohh... I get to nominate now!

Sarah Knit/Wit definitely rocks! I stumbled upon her blog from her Harlot blog pic of her and her fiance. Cute little couple! And they're getting married this weekend! EEEEEKKK! Wish her luck and calm nerves!


Meghann said...

your welcome! You rock!:)

Oh, you must tell me about the toddler toddler needs a few pairs.

SJ said...

Thanks, I'm honored! (And I'm trying to remain as calm as possible!)

tiennie said...

Congrats on your nomination! You are rockin'!