Thursday, August 23, 2007


Knitters are great. I know we say it all the time, but it's so true. Last night I REALLY needed to get out of the house. You moms of toddlers know what I mean. I missed last week and I needed this week badly!

I was instantly cheered by the sight of Kerri spinning away! She brought her wheel! And her daughter was there (she's 17) and she was spinning too, on a drop spindel. How could that not cheer you?

This summer we've been meeting at the Rose Garden in the park. It's just gorgeous. And the teenage kids seem to be attracted to coming too. Three women have teenagers and they've all been coming - friends, boyfriends etc... in tow.

Yesterday it was one such teenagers birthday! He got cake. AND ice cream! Woot! He was a little embarrassed. But all in all was a good sport. He's enjoying a day at Silverwood today.

There seems to always be party favors at knit night. Last night was no exception. Patricia just got back from visiting her IL's in Montana. She brought us back local honey. Miss N spotted it on the counter this morning and declared it "my favoritest honeybear I never had". Then as I was heading to my car, Lara stopped me and gave me a magazine she's picked up that was geared more towards toddlers than teens and also a first aid kit to keep in my car for the girls.

Knitters are sweet and thoughtful and really know how to make a person feel good!

My treat for them all was to tell them about Ravelry. Can you believe they hadn't heard of it yet?

I also found out our group was mentioned in a regional magazine. How fun is that?!

There's been a little knitting too.


tiennie said...

What a grand time!

SJ said...

Holy matching stripes, Batman!

Meghann said...

love the socks! I laughed at the comment from Miss N, Sophia is always saying everything is her "favorite-est". And yes, I totally understand what you mean about getting out of the house!