Friday, August 31, 2007

THE Curious Monkey

You do notice I said THE Curious Monkey right? Well such is knitting for a 3 year old I suppose. I put the first complete sock on her foot and as soon as I got ONE picture taken she starts screaming and flipping her foot all around... "It's ITCHY! It's itchy! Get it off me!". Just the lovely appreciative words a knitter loves to hear huh? I tried not to be offended, but I was just a bit in spite of myself. So, this will be A very cute sock. But not destined to be a pair. There is an off chance that little sis might grow into them, but taking into account foot size & seasons etc... I'm just going to wait. IF it will fit her I might whip up a second sock... in a year or two.

I managed to get one more good picture so you could see the top. I really LOVE how all the little details came together. Though you can't see it very well, the sides of the swoops come down onto the instep along the side. And to make it pop a bit I borrowed that purl 1 along the edge that the Undulating Rib socks had. I think it made it look really nice.

I guess I should acquaint myself better with yarns of the "non-wool" variety for this one. Argh. Guess I know now why I bought "No Sheep for You" a while back.

I started a new sock for Hub. I dug some Regia out of the stash. I don't really like self-patterning yarns, but I bought this before I knew that about myself. It is nice and manly looking and I did get it for dirt cheap, so I'll just knit it up and not think too much about it.

I am also stuck on my STR socks. I was trying to go toe-up for the first time AND convert a pattern to sportweight. Yeah... hello. I can't figure out how to turn the heel. SO... I've pulled out some yarn that actually FITS the pattern that the heel is from and I'm going to follow the directions and learn how to do it. Then I'll go back and convert for the STR socks. Yeah, I know... this sounds like what I should have done to begin with. The happy news is that these are gift socks... and oh... how I love to be ready ahead of time!

And so ends August. I snuck a few projects into these last few days that were not for me. But I did manage to put out 4 pair of socks for myself in the two months. I think that's a plenty good start! Tomorrow begins September and so begins... longies season. It's time to start casting on Miss E's winter wardrobe.


Jen said...

Awe that's too bad about your daughter's wool sensitivity. I was thinking you could probably jab my feet with hot pokers and I probably wouldn't feel it - they're so desensitized. I bet kids have all these extra working sensory nerves on their skin that adults just wear out. I never thought of that. The sock looks really great, though! What size is it? Maybe'll it'll fit me. ;)

Meghann said...

Kids! Sorry about the sock, it's SUPER cute though!!!! Toe up, I totally recommend Wendy's toe-up sock. I love the heel and they fit really nice. Longies....yup, gotta start a few of those myself!

Spiffy Knits! said...

So sorry about the wool snob in your midst! What a huge disappointment. Luckily, Miss A seems to be immune. I made her a pair of lounging socks from Cascade 220 superwash and she loves them! I think it is a New Englander thing. We must have a regional wool gene, or something!

tiennie said...

Awww... it's so cute! You should finish it anyways!

Hattie said...

That is THE cutest curious monkey sock! I totally love it. What did you do to make it smaller? I'd love to make my daughter some.. :D