Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Summer of Socks Begins!

What could be better for the first 100+ degree day of the year? Nothing better. Socks for me! Yippeee!

I started this pair...

This is the Undulating Ribs pattern from Favorite Socks. I was fully prepared for the yarn to overwhelm the pattern. And in such a case I planned to stop the undulating ribs after the fourth twist. Thus giving a cuff and 3 sections of rib. I saw this version and thought if that yarn could pull it off, mine might. Looking at it now with one twist to go... I think it's too busy to keep the pattern up. So they'll just be 'Undulating Cuffs'. Here's a second pic with it stretched a bit so you can see the pattern better.

Do you recognize the yarn? It's Fruit Snacks! My first yarn dying experience. I had no idea how it would knit up and the suspense jumped this yarn to the top of the heap!

Now, I need some help people. I have this gorgeous ball of yarn from Illusion Yarns. (She's one of the sponsors for the SOS KAL.) It's her Lotus colorway. I love it. It's a really unusual combo of colors. But I have NO IDEA what to make with it! I've looked around and I just can't pick a pattern. But I can't seem to "settle" for plain jane either. Any ideas? I'm thinking I can do something between 60-64 stitches with it for my foot.

I hope this hot summer day has found you some sock knitting fun!


Jen said...

You might be right about the undulation. I love the striping on your yarn, though!

The lotus yarn is sooo nice. Unfortunately, I'm never sure what to do with variegated yarn. Can't wait to see it in action.

SJ said...

I like how the pattern is working! It's hidden somewhat when it's being knit, but you can really see it when it's stretched out.

I have the same issues with variegated yarns. Usually I wind up doing a plain stockinette or a Jaywalker.

Meghann said...

I've had good luck doing monkey socks in variegated colors. The Uptown bootsocks from that same book would work too. Jaywalkers.....Do you have Sensational knitted socks? There are some good patterns in there too.

KarenJoSeattle said...

Is Lotus going to stripe? pool? flash? unknown? If the color repeat is short like a Dream in Color so you don't get any patterning, almost anything will work.

You could try doing some simple pattern of eyelets. Just enough for some interest.

I have seen lots of pictures of Monkey socks in variegated. Sometimes they look a bit busier than I like, but most look good.

I do like the pattern that's happening on your yarn. It doesn't need any competition.

Linda said...

Love the colors
I saw this pattern online
Maybe try it...not too "ribby"