Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Still Undulating...

Sock one is done! It really did go by pretty fast. I'm not the most glam foot model. I have long narrow feet (10-1/2 inches long to be exact!) and thick ankles/legs. Thanks Dad! lol!

Overall I'm happy with them. I would make the heel flap 1/4" longer if I could do it without ripping it all out. It's a wee bit snug at the ankle, but it's ok. It looks like there is a lot of white in them. There really isn't. It's yellow... it's just pretty pale. It's hard to get a good bright yellow with the Kool Aid.

Check out this funky toe detail. There is a purl 1 along the edge that you continue even through the toe. Kind of fun looking.

I've managed to do all this knitting while waiting on kids to do something... eat, bathe... etc... Hub's been in and out of town so much lately... time to myself is at a premium these days. I've spent my big chunks of kids sleeping/nap time in the basement sewing. I have so many pads to sew I'll be down there all summer! When I get a chunk done I'll give you some pic's.

Ironically, we're setting record high temp's outside... the ac is working hard... and when I go to the basement to sew... I have to put on pants, a sweater and slippers. We need a door at the top of the stairs I think. So... these socks WILL be used this summer!


SJ said...

It looks great! And what an interesting toe -- I'm definitely going to have to give this pattern a try.

Miss T said...

Whoa, cool toe. Great job!

Jen said...

That is a funky toe, but cool funky.