Thursday, July 26, 2007

Out of the Basement

Yay! I'm out of the basement! I've been spending a lot of time there lately. Not because it's nice and cool - actually downright COLD when the AC is on upstairs, no, I've been down there sewing. A lovely woman wanted to do a trade with me for some Chickie Pads! She wanted all velour too. Which was a new experience for me. That stuff is SLIPPERY! Yikes. There's an entire stash her for her daughter and a dozen for herself too! In return I'll be getting lots of yummy candles and soaps. Yum. Yes, I've cloth converted not only my children's bums, but it's crept over into other aspects of life. If you're interested in more information... go here. It really IS better!

The socks were a little jealous of the basket posing so they hopped in too. I almost have TWO pair! If only I could choose one I'd probably be finished. But what's the fun in that? Early this week I worked both heels so now I'm just charging to the toes.

We've got a visitor coming by the name of 'Grammy' this weekend. Should be fun - perhaps an outing for me and Hub alone! I almost can't even remember what that feels like!

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