Friday, July 20, 2007

Oh Seriously!

The cameras and I are not getting along this afternoon. I'll just say that. Sorry for the not up to par photos. I ran my camera (the one I know how to get great shots with) out of battery at the park with the girls this morning. So I tried to use "our" camera... the bigger fancier one... that I can't use apparently. It also ran out of batteries, but has backup's.

OK, so speaking of irritating...

Um, is the heel worked on 60% suppossed to be pointy like that? I'm not really sure what I think, or even IF I want to think about this right now. So it's in the naughty basket. Man alive... couldn't it just be a plain jane easy sock?

One sock that I am not at all irritated with is my Peaches and Cream sock. I finished this one on Tuesday, but have been too busy to blog. It fits and feels like a dream. Love it. (note: heel flap is 2.5 inches long - ample room for my (apparently) fat ankle.) I thought I was going to have tons of yarn leftover, but there's just that wee little bit. I'm glad I made it!

And slight progress here and there on the second Undulating Rib sock. Do you have one of those fancy stitch keepers from the Loopy Ewe? THAT THING ROCKS! It keeps my sock out of danger from yarn crazed toddlers who seem to like stuffing knitting in their mouths. Love love love it. I think they're overpriced. But I really like it. I wish I had a couple more since I usually have 2-3 socks going at a time.

So that's what I've been up to in the knitting realm. Lots of sewing happened this week thanks to Hub taking charge one night while I retreated to the basement not to emerge for six hours. Great productivity!

We're enjoying a couple days of really nice cool 80 degree temp's. Hub had a business trip today so the girls and I checked out a new park. It was much closer to us than the other one we've been to. There was no one there, which disappointed Miss N. But was great for Miss E because I could let her roam. She blissfully ate rocks, leaves and anything else she could find. Ick. Then a daycare came and dumped 25 kids wearing matching blue T-shirts off... At least I could spot my girl in pink. I thought she was having fun with them, but she told me in the car that some girls told her to go away from them. :( She's still so young that I'm not sure she really knew that the girls were mean to her. I think she was mostly confused. It makes me sad though. The girls were older, but come on... be nice you know? Miss N was SO excited to play with them and be their friend and they were just icky. Makes me sad for my baby. We left fairly soon after their arrival. My girls were FILTHY. I dunked them in the tub and they are blissfully sleeping now. Ahhh... I love a good nap!


Meghann said...

naps are the best:)

Sometimes the park closest to us has bigger kids and they always push Sophia around. The other day, she was waiting her turn for the slide and the bigger kids just kept pushing her out of the way. It bugs me.

bookwoman said...

Great socks! (Even if they aren't all behaving the way good socks should.) I love the Peaches and Cream pattern, and the colors of the other two are spectacular.