Friday, July 13, 2007

Fat Ankles

Apparently, I have fat ankles. I never really knew this about myself until this week.

On the Undulating Ribs the ankle is a wee bit tight, but still ok. I figured I can just make my heel flap a little longer next time. No biggie.

However... my Knit and Tonic sock has some bigger issues. To preserve the awesome striping I thought I'd give a short row heel a try. It turned out really well. I used the directions for 'Priscillas Magic Dream Sock' from Favorite Socks. The color changes were kind of bugging me though... and I decided I probably had enough yarn to rip it out and splice strands of the same color together to make a solid heel. Once I had it off the needles I tried it on...

Uh-Oh. See how tight it is on the top of my ankle? Not comfy. Anyone know if there is a way to make a SR heel bigger? Probably not. I did a little browsing on Flickr and saw many a flap that didn't seem to mess too much with the stripes. Kind of bums me out though. Anyone have any other great ideas? I think for a comfy flap for myself it needs to be about 2.5 inches long. So it is bigger than the usual womans 2 inch flap.

Check out the way the colors worked out... looking at this pic you'd think "hey, turned out fab!"

Then there's the other side... "oh..."

Kind of strange huh?

Well anyway... not sure what to do... help!

(Sorry the pic's are bad... it was dark out so had to use artificial lighting.)


Meghann said...

I know someone said that you can do the short row heel over more stitches to help with a higher arch, which may help your problem too. Instead of the regular 50%, do 60% of the stitches.

Jen said...

I recently came across something call the "strong heel" which works a heel flap that doesn't screw up the stripes. It as apparently published in a 2003 issue of Knitters. I found a pattern with the cuff-down strong heel when I googled the term, but since I was looking for a toe-up version, I didn't save it. But you should be able to find it if you google it. It's a neat heel, you don't have to pick up stitches for a gusset.

I love the colors of that yarn, btw!

SJ said...

I'll be no help, since I don't have another creative suggestion, but meghann's idea sounds about right. I rarely do SR heels, however, since I like the fit of a flap and long gusset better.

Jessica said...

pretty much echoing what meghann said. If you have say, 100sts on your sock, instead of doing the shortrows over 50sts, do them over 60, yk? Great looking socks, by the way!!!