Friday, April 20, 2007

Funky Targhee Pants Complete!

Targhee is soooo yummy. I finished up this pair of longies for Amy's little one this morning. Well, pants done last night, I-cord this morning. They are all washed, lanolized and ready for use! With the I-cord in place you can't even really see the pooling in the waistband. There was a teensy bit of pooling where the gusset is worked. Which is weird... because the only other pair I did that had that happen... were the Blushing Violet's I also made for Amy.

Targhee is such a different wool. It doesn't compress well. So I cast on about an inch fewer stitches than I needed and added them in when I got to the body. I used #4's for the waistband and it's still a pretty big gauge. It just doesn't want to compress. #7's for the body and 8's for the legs. My gauge on the 12" 8's matches what I get on 16" 7's. Those 12" circulars... I love and hate them. Hate working on them because I feel like my hands are in a vice. But LOOOVE that it FLYS. Goes soooo fast. I started these on Monday night and the pants were done Thursday night! (I-cord Friday morning). Not too shabby!

So anyhow, there they are. I'll be swatching for the second pair this weekend and getting them started next week I think. I'll have houseguests over the weekend and probably next week. Best finish getting ready for them now!

Hello to all the new people from the blog ring stopping by!


Noseypants Tanya said...

Pretty pants! You are fast, no wonder you can have so many projects going. ;) I need to pick up some of those 12" for my *one project on the needles, ahem, sweater.

Liz said...

Those pants are great! I love 'em! Is there a pattern?

trevchris said...

Love the pants! Where can I get the pattern? I have a lovely grandaughter who would look so cute in those! :o) Christine.

Amy Sew Crafty! said...

got the pants! LOOVE them! thanks!