Monday, April 09, 2007

Is that a Roza or a Daffodil?

It's both! A Roza sock in Lorna's Laces Daffodil colorway.

I've had a bit of a brain function issue with this Brioche Stitch. It seemed so simple. But something didn't look right. Mine didn't have that lovely open lacy look. Just a cramped hole and a wonky looking stitch next to it. Can you see that... not right.

So... after I googled and found NOTHING resembling this stitch on the sock, I emailed Kathy. She was quite gracious and helped me figure out my issue. It was with my YO. Now, if you are smart... you'll read the notes at the top of the pattern and you will REMEMBER what they say. If you're like me you'll forget what it said and pester the poor writer. SO... I am hoping if you google now you'll come up with this and find your answer and Kathy will be left in peace.

You must do the YO "at the same time" as you slip the stitch. However, I find it much easier to think of it as slipping and then doing a YO (switched from what is written). Perhaps if you are a continental knitter you can do both at the same time. I'm not sure. But for an English like me, it is just awkward to hold the yarn up toward the back and slip at the same time. And it really doesn't give a different result.

So now... I have lovely openness and I am just loving the pattern. It is hard to see in this busy colorway. Sorry about that. I have a ball of dusty lavender Opal in the stash that will be oh so elegant done up as Roza's. I loved it before, but doing it correctly adds even more joy to it because it's so much easier to insert my needle for the p2tog. They are just zipping along now!

I've included a very close up pic of the slip/YO. The YO goes over the top of the slipped stitch like so...

See that? Much nicer. And so much easier to purl together! Loving it!

Missy T... you better not be peaking!

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SJ said...

What beautiful socks! I'm glad to see that the pattern works as well in variegated yarn as it does in solid.

To answer your question, my sock bag was obtained in a swap with trek (, although I don't think she is making them/swapping them any more. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of patterns out there to be found for free however. Good luck, and let me know if you find a good one!