Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jeepers Creepers

Thanks to some great advice from Carol who very nicely left me some information on glasses... I am looking at some PEEPERS! What a fun site for those of us who care what our "reading glasses" look like. lol!

So in the running... are these, these (which are not the cutest, but might be good for tv knitting - but then again... if I'm knitting so much that I need glasses what will I be looking at the TV for?), these and these.

I have to say... without having tried them on, the first and last are my top pick's for looks I think. The third ones, would be a great shape for my face.

What I currently have... were purchased (prescription) 7 years ago. lol! I'm feeling old... I was working on my Thesis at the time and either had my nose in a book or up against a computer screen for months. I started having headaches and eyesight issues... wonder why... Anyhoo... they're your standard black with tortoise style inner.

SO... thoughts?!


Tanya said...

Cool specs. I like one, four, two and three in that order. ;)


carole said...

I love #1, didn't look at #2, I have the paintball (so I must like it) and I like #4 but have to tell you that the thicker frames sometimes get in the way of my peripheral vision when I have them on while multi-tasking.....