Thursday, April 05, 2007

A family of wooly bottoms!

Secret knitting project complete! Yay! These are all gifts for a family who is expecting identical twin girls in the next month! They have a son as well.

I'm so tired... I-cord takes a deceptively long time to finish. Especially when you start at 1am... yeah... don't ask. But I wanted these to go out tomorrow. They're off for a bath and a block now.

Awww.... all were made from 100purewool in Green Peace, Plum and Blush.

Needles... a bunch.

Initially I started out to make two soakers for the identical twin girls... then I thought... big brother needs some coordinating shorts too... and well, as usual, took on a lot!

I learned so many new things doing these! First of all they are my first soakers. I used two different patterns. The first is the Curly Purly soaker pattern. Overall I really liked it, but... it just about killed my hands/wrists/arm to do that tight of knitting at such a rate. I ached.

On the second one, I used the Dandelion Dreamers pattern, but then finished the legs with the Curly Purly pattern so that they'd be the same. I have no idea why, I just wanted them that way.

Then, I decided to do those cute little hearts. I took the easy route and used duplicate stitch. It was fun to add a little something. AND, I learned a new short row method... I used wraps. For some reason early on I couldn't figure these out, but they worked really easily in the second soaker.

If that wasn't enough... I really am crazy... I decided big brother needed some shorts. This is the yarn I ripped out from E's first pair of longies. It turned out really nice. I knit them on 6's so it's nice and tight.

So... I'm nuts. How I did this in a week is beyond me. What can I say... I LOVE making things and giving them to people. It makes my heart happy. And I love making others hearts happy. Today I'm taking it easy... giving my hands a rest, maybe even taking a nap... and going to bed early!


carole said...

LOVE the soakers!.. .now don't hate me... but you may want to make a drawstring for the curly purly one too... only cuz pure wool stretches out soooooo much... (don't ask me how I know.....) What a labor of love and what a good friend

KelInCal said...

Dude - those are some seriously cute baby britches! The shorts are my favorite - make me wish I had a baby to knit for. Already asked my hubby today and he said usual. :)

I can't believe you did all that in a week!