Friday, April 27, 2007

It's WIP Friday!

Well, it's WIP friday here... nothing significant happened this week because of the house guests plus some family drama... but a few things moved a bit.

First up! The BearFoot Socks. Sock one complete and #2 on it's way! I think I finally captured the real colors of this sock. Of course one's monitor settings all vary so... it's as close as it's going to get!

Roza's... T started hers so now I can show you! Hard to photograph because of the ribbing, but isn't that colorway behaving nicely?! They're about 6" long right now. Just picking them up every now and again... after Hub's socks are done I'll get to it on them.

I got started on Amy's second pair of pants... I'm calling these the "plum sauce" longies. It's a custom colorway I had done. I'll share more when they're finished.

And I put on a few more miles of garter stitch to Miss E's birthday blanket... now officially a couple weeks late.

And what's Friday without a little yarn candy eh?

This is the new 3-Ply 100 Purewool Merino. It's lovely. I can't wait to dig into this... the pink/purple is summer shorts for Miss E. The Blues are for shorts for some little boys I know.

And some Peace Fleece acquisitions for Miss E too... Cherry Blossom from Radiant Twist and Old Friends from Dying to Fly. The Cherry Blossom is up next on the roster - E's been growing and needs another pair of capri's. The Old Friends will be summer shorts. So pretty and girly! Miss E is at the stage with her hair where she needs clothing to be girly or she looks just like a boy. ;)

I've been asked about the pattern I use for the pants. I use my own. I'm working on the pattern, but every time I work it again... I make a few changes. At some point perhaps it will be ready to share. ;) Until then you can look here and here for a couple of great patterns.

Well, when I dig myself out from under this diapering wool pile, I've got more socks and a few sweaters I'm going to get started on. Lots of ideas... so little time! I'm looking forward to this weekend... birthday! Yay! Maybe I'll get some woolly gifts. Once can hope right?

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