Friday, August 25, 2006

A day in the life...

Want to know what I'm really doing when I'm dreaming up fanciful art and time to make it?!

Let me introduce you to my day...

Miss N convieniently came down with a horrid cold today. The day
we went to sign all the paperwork for both sale and purchase. The
lady at the Escrow office was really enjoying her sneezing all over
her desk. I felt bad, but we have no baby sitter but Grammy and she
was at work. So in we trudged with our two kids, one sick. Who also
of course needed to go potty in the middle of all the signing... and
then her talented Mommy dropped the roll of tp INTO the toilet while
trying to tear off some and hold Miss N from falling into the potty at
the very same time. Then I got the joy of fishing the thing out of
the public toilet. GROSS.

This evening after Miss N went to bed Dh left... Miss E woke and needed
to be nursed. So then in the midst of that N peed her bed and
started crying/wailing... Oh joy. I raced her into the bathroom,
washed her off - poor kid had a good fever going by then so she
started shaking horribly. Dried her off and dressed her again...
Ripped apart her bed, threw it all back together. Picked her sister
up off the floor where she had rolled from my bed. AGH! Our mattress
just sits on the floor right now, so other than being in an odd and
uncomfortable position, she was just fine. But unhappy none the
less... her boob went away and she was stuck on the floor alone.
Nursed kiddo two back to sleep, then went back in and gave kiddo one
some tylenol and put her "lady music" on for her and rubbed her cheek
for a bit. She seemed ok... I was doing laundry outside her room and
heard her singing to herself after that. :)

Did I mention I found out this morning at 9am that the movers were
coming tomorrow and not Monday? Frantic packing and organizing going

So yeah... that's my day. lol! Want to trade? Next week we'll be
living in a hotel until we get the keys on the 31st. That should be

Yeah... so that's a day in the life of me.

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