Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I'm in denial that I'm moving in 6 days. Nope... not thinking about it... My husband just called to tell me that we're signing all the paperwork tomorrow for both sale and purchase. A little scary to think about. Can't wait to be done!

Anyway... I've been up to "denial" projects.

First... finished these wool shorts up for an online friends little boys today. I am just hoping that they fit!

I set aside the pair of longies I was knitting until my longer cable came so I could magic loop the legs. Well in that period of a few days I got bored and started another project...

It's the Curly Purly Scarf pattern. It's an extra wide scarf as you can see. Almost a stole, but not sure of itself yet. The pattern warns that it stretches out a lot in leangth in the blocking. So it's going to loose some width I'm sure. It's currently around 16 inches wide in the body. At the cast on it's only 14. I think the finished width will be about 12-14 inches. A wide range, but this is soooo loose it's just hard to tell what it's going to be! It's super yummy yarn though. 100purewool in Ashtil colorway. So soft. Can't wait to wrap it around my neck! Should look great with all the red coats my husband keeps buying me. I'm not sure why, but I think ALL but my wool peacoat is red now. It's silly really. It's fun to be working on big needles. 10.5 US is what I'm using. SOOOO different from the other project I have on the needles... size 6 US... seems tiny in comparison.

Speaking of which... here's where they are currently at...

They WERE all the way down to the legs. Gusset and all. But last night around 1 am I finally admitted that I hated the shaping method I used and FROGGED it all the way back to the waistband. GASP! It was so late my brain was numb so it wasn't painful. lol! Hopefully this time I will get it right! They are for one of the same little boys getting the shorts above. I have yarn for the other brother to have a pair too. Just need to get my pattern stright! I decided I am going to be patient and do it right. I SHOULD have ripped back a LONG time ago, but I had blurred vision apparently. That or the denial about the move seeped over into my thinking about my knitting.

I'm planning ahead and boy do I have a list of things to knit now! Sheesh. I decided I'm going to make Clapotis for my mother-in-law. She is the only person I know who would first off, appreciate the effort. AND can follow washing instructions for some nice wool yarn that will be oh so yummy! My own mother can't handle anything if it doesn't go in the washer and dryer. She is not into "delicates". I think it would be perfect for my MIL because she gets cold sitting at her desk at work. This could just be a pretty scarf on her way in, and a shawl when she's chilly. I'm also considering making her a matching pair off fingerless gloves. I remember my days in the office... my hands would get so cold they would ache as I worked on the computer. Then there's the sweaters I want to make for my girls... dh wants hats... Baby needs longies... And I want to make Lady Eleanor! And I want socks. lol! LOVE wool socks.

Anyway... I should clear this fog of denial that I stink and hit the showers.

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Tanya said...

Yes, yes, yes! I LOVE the scarf as stole idea. :D
And I loved poring over your thoughts searching for it.